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Sin-Yaw Wang
Vice President, Software Global & China Director, Sun China Engineering & Research Institute
Sun Microsystems Inc.
Sin-Yaw Wang has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. A resident of Beijing, he is the Vice President of the Global Engineering Organization at Sun. His charter for Sun is to leverage global engineering talent and to capture market share in the dynamic Chinese IT industry.
Before his appointment to the position of Vice President in March 2005, Sin-Yaw was the Senior Director of Solaris Network & Security Technology. His organization developed the networking & security component of Sun's acclaimed Solaris Operating System. He also was the chairman of the committee responsible for the release of the Solaris 10 product.
Sin-Yaw also held several Engineering Director positions on the Solaris team- most notably being responsible for Solaris kernel which focused on resource management, server consolidation, fault and breach containment, and virtualization.
Prior to joining Sun, Sin-Yaw was a Director at Adaptec where he was in charge of all system software for the SCSI product lines. Before Adaptec, he was Vice President of Engineering at a Silicon Valley start-up called Books That Work, developing consumer software.
Sin-Yaw was born in Taiwan in 1958. He left the island country in1982 after graduating from Tamkang University with a major in Mechanical Engineering. In 1984 he earned a Master's degree in Manufacturing Technology from Arizona State University. In 1990, while working in Silicon Valley he received his Master's degree in Computer Science and in 1997 his MBA from Santa Clara State University.
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