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Carla Cico
Carla Cico, CEO of Ambrosetti(Beijing) consulting Ltd, was awarded as one of Most Powerful Women in International Business, Forbes(2004) and Fortune(2005).In Reuters Institutional Investor Research(2003), she won the Best CEO in Telecommunications Sector in Latin America; Carla Cico had been invited to give speech in Davos World Economic Forum(2003)(2004) and was one of the important speechmaker in international telecom forums.
   During 1987 to 1992, as Chief Representative of Italtel (Beijing) office;She led Italtel to China’s market, and assisted Italtel to compete with Siemens, Lucent, Fujitsu and NEC and got 25% market share. Before becomeing Chief Representative, as the Responsible person of Italtel(Chongqing),she established Sino-foreign contractual enterprise and coordinated successfully the transfer of technology between Europe and China.
   During 1993 to 1994, she was representative of IRI Beijing office;
   During 1995 to 1999, she was international director of business operations of Stet International;
   In the period of  2000–2001, Carla was telecommunications consultant for several companies;
On the March,2001 she became CEO of Brazil Telecom.During her term of service in Brazil Telecom, Cico led one Latin American stated owned telecom corporation to be listed abroad., stock value three billion dollars. She led staffs of Brazil Telecom to gain excellent achievements.  
  o Sales increased by 59%
 o EBITDA increased by 29%
 o Free cash-flow increased by 69%
 o Amount of investment: 5.1 billion dollars
 o The number of staff was reduced to 6,200 from 11,500.
 o The number of Internet users increase to five million
  o listed on the Stock Exchange of New York Ltd,
In November,2007, Cico took up the host of CEO of Ambrosetti(Beijing) consulting Ltd
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