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Charles Hughes
Interview with Charles Hughes: International Strategist & Thought Leader, Chairman, Board Director, Master Information Technologists' Company, Founder eManagement Ltd., Founding Chair IP3, Past President British Computer Society, Recipient - Bill Gates Influencers Roundtable Award & IFIP Outstanding Service Award, Council Member UK Parliamentary IT Committee, Past Council Member of the Institute for the Management of Information Systems.

Charles is continuing to shape history through his remarkable contributions including the ITC receiving Royal Charter, leading the creation of the IT Profession through IP3, thought leadership at the IFIP World Computing Congress (WCC) IP3 Day, and as founding council director of the Global Industry Council (IP3-GIC). You will hear much more in this interview so take the time to listen!

Here’s some background on the ITC…

Bill Gates, Tim Berners-Lee, and Vinton Cerf are counted amongst the honorary members of the Information Technologists’ Company (ITC), led by Master Charles Hughes, the 100th Livery Company of the City of London. ITC received this special honour and recognition by Royal Charter with less than 1000 Royal Charters awarded in the last 800 years.  Charles Hughes as Master of the Information Technologists’ Company was the focal point for the 2010 “great honour” and noted the “tremendous prestige” in receiving the Royal Charter. As Charles noted during his speech, “…information and communication technology is ubiquitous and underpins everything we do,” and he affirmed  that receiving the Royal Charter provided clear demonstration that the efforts of the ITC matter.

Charles founded eManagement Ltd. in 1999 providing strategic and project services to government and the IT industry. His 43 year career in IT, following a mathematics degree at the University of Manchester, began with ICL where he held various director level appointments. As Project Director with Her Majesty's Government in the 1990's he developed and launched the Information Society Initiative.

Charles is Past President (2005-2006) of the British Computer Society. Following a period as Vice President he was elected Deputy President in 2004. He led the team which developed the Professionalism in IT Program, which he championed and sponsored, and he has been deeply involved with the Society's governance and membership developments.

On the international scene he promoted professionalism in IT and was the founder and first Chairman of the International Professional Partnership, IP3. He was presented with an Influencers Roundtable award by Bill Gates in 2008 and in 2009 received an Outstanding Service Award from the International Federation for Information Processing.

Charles has been a board director and chairman of IT companies in Australia, Germany, UK and US. His communication skills are widely used on behalf of clients and voluntary organizations and he has successfully guided cultural and organizational change across government and the private sector.

Charles is Master of the Information Technologists' Company, the 100th livery company of the City of London, Council Member of the Parliamentary IT Committee, past Council Member of the Institute for the Management of Information Systems and past Chairman of the Real Time Club. He is married to Beverley and enjoys sport, food, travel and philately.
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