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David Alan Grier
David Alan Grier is the past 2013 President of the IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Fellow. He has served the society as Vice President of Publications, Director of Magazines, and Editor in Chief of the IEEE Annals. He has a PhD in Mathematical Statistics from the University of Washington in Seattle, and is an Associate Professor of Science and Technology Policy at George Washington University.

He writes on the subject of technology and its social implications. His books include: "When Computers Were Human" (Princeton 2005), "Too Soon To Tell: Essays for the End of The Computer Revolution" (Wiley 2009), "The Company We Keep" (IEEE Computer Society, 2013), "The Computing Machines of Charles Babbage" (editor, IEEE CS, 2010). He is currently at work on a book on crowdsourcing.

He has served as Associate Dean or Program Director in schools of international affairs, engineering and liberal arts. He has also worked in industry, serving as a software designer for Burroughs Computer Corporation in the 1980s. David has created a new video channel on technology, technical workers, management and similar issues with short videos (mostly) released once a week. The URL is
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