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Eliezer Manor
Eliezer Manor is a businessman engaged in hi-tech entrepreneurship and venture capital. His activities are carried out through his wholly-owned company - Shirat Enterprises Ltd., registered in Israel. Shirat is holding a portfolio of private investments and in parallel acts as a management company with offices in Israel and in China. In addition to being pro-active in part of its portfolio companies, Shirat carries out a broad program dedicated to establishment of joint ventures between Israeli hi-tech companies and Chinese industrial mature companies, as well as establishment and operation of technological incubators, venture capital funds and corporate venture capital in China and in other countries around the world. This program was supported and assisted by the Government of Israel and today is supported by several local authorities in major cities in China.

Eliezer was the founder and entrepreneur of several hi-tech start-up companies, as well as board member and Chairman in many of them. He was also for several years a member of the international team of WJ Hopper investment bank.

In the past Eliezer was among the founders of two VC funds (Mofet in Israel and GCP in the Silicon Valley), as well as member of their boards, general partner and management companies. Eliezer was also a founder of IVA (Israel Venture Capital and Private Equity Association) and served as its first Executive Director.

During his career, Eliezer was engaged in activities such as:

Hi-tech entrepreneurship in Israel and in USA

Angel investments

Venture capital: raising, management and operation in Israel and in the US

Technological incubators in Israel

Work with Israeli government agencies related to hi-tech, venture capital and international cooperation

Corporate venture capital with multi-national companies

Investment banking

International cooperation with foreign governments related to establishment of national programs for encouragement of hi-tech and venture capital

Stock markets for hi-growth companies in Europe and in USA

Establishment of a broad program in China related to hi-tech entrepreneurship, incubation and venture capital, creating cross-national force multipliers between Israel and China

Board membership on boards of private and public companies
Venture philanthropy

Eliezer is a physicist - M.Sc. from the Weizmann Institute of Science, specializing in electro-optics, and is member of the Advisory Editorial Board of Photonics Spectra - the international journal of electro-optical engineers.

Eliezer is also engaged in venture philanthropy. He and his family established and are supporting Schools-On-Line, a NGO active among high-school children and teachers, dedicated to bridge between children from different sectors, usually under conflict.
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