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Cai Jian
Deputy Director, Peking University Guanghua-Hyperion Business Performance Management Research Institute


BS, Tsinghua University, 1997;

MS (Intelligent Design Systems) University of Southern California, 1998;
MS (Network) University of Southern California, 2000

PhD, University of Southern California,2002


2005-current, Deputy Director, Guanghua-Hyperion Business Performance Management Institute of Peking University.

2003-current, Assistant Professor, Information Systems Department, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

2000-2003 Member, Technical Staff, Java Web Technology and Standards Group, Sun Microsystems, USA.

1997-2000 Research Assistant, IMPACT Research Lab, University of Southern California,


2002-2003   SEED Training Program for Future Engineering Leadership (as one of the six selected Ph.D.s in SUN), SUN Microsystems

2002      Academic Achievement Award, University of Southern California

1996-1997   President of Student Congress, Tsinghua University
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