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Neil Leslie
Neil Leslie is currently a General Manager helping lead the Platform Evangelism and Partner teams who play a key role in leading Microsoft's Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE) group. Neil and his team drive efforts to build a vibrant solutions ecosystem through evangelism, community engagement and deep relationships with Microsoft's Global Partners.

Formerly, Neil Leslie was the Vice President of Microsoft Information Technology (MSIT) engineering organization at Microsoft. He was responsible for managing the company's IT architecture, application and support operations that span Microsoft's portfolio of IT internal and external systems worldwide. Day to day, the job responsibilities included the design, development, deployment and sustained operations of the IT systems Microsoft uses to run its business.

In addition, Microsoft's IT engineering business is noted for being Microsoft's First and Best customer of Microsoft technologies. Through the early and often enterprise deployments of Microsoft technologies by some 3000 Developers, Architects, Support and Program Management IT Professionals, MSIT Engineering provides invaluable insight into how Microsoft software is deployed to run the enterprise while also providing early feedback and requirements that improve both the value and quality of Microsoft products at release.

Neil joined Microsoft in November of 1991. Since then, he has held a variety of positions including: Group Manager for Premier West, Director of Premier Enterprise, ISV, and OEM, and General Manager for Americas Product Support Services. Neil's also served in leadership teams within Microsoft product units, including General Manager for Windows Server Systems User Experience team. Neil oversaw the design, usability, and localization for SQL Server 2005 and Exchange Server 12.

Neil spends a majority of his free time supporting his son's athletics and his wife, Louise Leslie, who competes in national level equestrian events.
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