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Niko Schlamberger
After having worked shortly in the manufacturing industry, his professional experience is in the field of information technology in programming, application development, consulting, project management, and general management in the IT industry, in business, and in government. His career experience includes positions: Head of Software Development in the major Slovenian bank, IT Consultant, Assistant to General Manager of the (now) ex-Yugoslavian Federal Clearing Agency, and head of Slovenian Government Information Technology Office. His last formal position was Secretary at the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, in charge of special projects. He is the President of the National Computer Society - Slovenian Society INFORMATIKA (SSI), a member of the Language Chapter of SSI and a member of Board of Editors of, and a reviewer for, the Society's professional journal Uporabna Informatika (Applied Informatics). He is a reviewer for the journal of Information Technology and Control, published by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

After having been elected a Trustee, in 2003 he was elected Vice-President of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) for a three year term. In 2006 he was elected again for the same office with a three-year mandate. Also in 2003 he was elected Honorary Secretary of Council of European Professional Societies (CEPIS), and in 2006 as CEPIS President Elect, to start the three-year presidential mandate in fall 2007. In 2004 he was a CEPIS candidate for a substitute board member of newly established European Network Information Security Agency (ENISA) and so appointed by the European Commission.

He was a visiting lecturer at the High School of Administration at the University of Ljubljana and has written a textbook on computer programming fundamentals. He is a member of programme committees of national and international computing and informatics conferences, and has contributed papers for national and international conferences. His bibliographical record shows over fifty papers, reports, and reviews on computing, information technology, general management, classifications, and administrative matters.

•University degree: University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, in 1968
•Languages: Slovenian; fluent in English, Croatian/Serbian; can read and write Cyrillic alphabet; can communicate in German; elementary knowledge of French and Italian
•Family life: married, two grown daughters, living in own terrace house in Ljubljana, Slovenia
•Hobbies: mountaineering, skiing
•Health: less than 30 days of sick leave during entire professional career
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