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Paul Orlando
Paul Orlando [] runs a lean startup bootcamp called Startups Unplugged [] and is also co-founder of AcceleratorHK [], a mobile startup accelerator. Previously, he co-founded a startup in New York and worked in telecom in China. He focuses on early-stage startups (pre product-market fit). Paul has a BA from Cornell and an MBA from Columbia. He has presented data and entrepreneurial tales in Asia and the US at events including InvestHK, BizSpark, Make a Difference Asia, Columbia, StartupsHK, Kairos Society, DorkBot, and the Levin Institute. He also had lots of fun helping build a 2012 TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon winner.

“Early-stage mobile startups doing hybrid development: this accelerator is for you. AcceleratorHK is a three month accelerator based in Hong Kong, focused on mobile startups doing hybrid development with HTML5. We have a full program in the Lean Startup and Customer Development techniques, mentors, and technical help to make cross-platform development easier. Forbes just named Hong Kong the #1 tech capital to watch after Silicon Valley and New York:
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