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Phaneesh Murthy
Phaneesh Murthy, currently the CEO of iGATE, has over the last two decades created three large transformations in the Global IT industry. In recognition of his exemplary entrepreneurship, Phaneesh received the "Outstanding Entrepreneurship" Award for 2011, instituted by Enterprise Asia.

In the 1990s, Phaneesh Murthy was an integral part of the industry that created the huge IT Outsourcing market in India. As the Global Sales Head of Infosys, he has been widely credited as the one who was responsible for taking the organization from just $2 million in revenues to $700 million in under 10 years.

Over the last decade, Phaneesh has embarked upon his second large transformation. Eight years since taking over as the CEO of iGATE, Phaneesh has transformed iGATE from a loss making staffing firm with negative margins, to a best-in-class earnings growth company with high focus on profitability, through his industry pioneering Business Outcomes based delivery model, that has now come to be accepted in the industry and is increasingly being adopted by Global customers. Under Phaneesh's leadership, iGATE grew from $80 million to $1 billion in under eight years. This has clearly reconfirmed Phaneesh as a thought leader in the industry.

Phaneesh's third transformation is already being pegged as a big trendsetter for the industry. Against all odds, in 2011 Phaneesh challenged the previously unheard of scenario of a mid-sized IT company buying out a company that is more than double its size, with the vision of making the combined entity not just a large Tier 1 player delivering Business Outcomes based solutions, but also one that would have the best-in-class earnings growth in the industry.

Phaneesh's achievements include:

Responsible for the phenomenal surge in Infosys' revenues.
Instrumental in the first NASDAQ listing by an Indian IT company.
Pioneering the Outcomes based business model for the Indian IT industry.
Transforming a loss-making, mid-sized company to a billion dollar Tier 1 player with best-in-class margins.
Catapulting the market capitalization of a mid-sized company by over 10 times in less than seven years.
Succeeding in completing IT industry's biggest leveraged buy-out by iGATE of Patni — a company more than double its size.
When not at work, Phaneesh loves reading murder mysteries and engaging in adventure sports.

Phaneesh graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai and did his Masters at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad — India's premier Technology and Management Institutes.

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