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Yang Fan
Yang Fan, the professor of China University of Political Science and Law,one of China's leading economists, discusses the different conceptions of what the RMB exchange rate is, the relationship between the exchange rate and changes in PRC domestic purchasing power, compares the speed of changes in the consumer price index and the exchange rate in the light of exchange rate changes over the past decade.

Yang Fan is a researcher at the Macroeconomic Research Office of the Economics Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the author several books and hundreds of articles on economics and monetary policy. Yang's Spring 2000 talk on how the WTO will affect the Chinese economy is reported at  How International Competition Will Change China .

Yang Fan article appeared on the Frontiers of  Thought Website (    That website, a collection of articles and commentaries by many prominent Chinese intellectuals, reprinted the article with permission from the 2/2000 issue of the Princeton University Chinese-language journal "Dangdai Zhongguo Yanjiu"
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