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The Honorable Dr. Philippa Malmgren is the President of the Canonbury Group, a financial services company based in London. She regularly visits with leading policy-makers among the offices of heads of government, the boards of central banks and elected and appointed officials among the G7 countries in order to discern how the political and policy environment will influence prices in financial markets. Through Canonbury, she keeps asset managers, traders and investors informed about these policy risks to their portfolios. In addition, she is a member of the Global Fund Advisors Network, founded by Canonbury and International Research Associates, which raises funds for alternative investments.
She served as an advisor on international economic issues to George W Bush during his Presidential campaign. Then she joined the White House and served as Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy on the National Economic Council. She was a member of the President's Working Group on Financial Markets and the President's Working Group on Corporate Governance. While in the White House, she was responsible for all financial market issues for the President, which included corporate governance, bank regulation, Government Sponsored Enterprises, mortgages, deposit insurance, terrorism insurance issues, anti-money laundering, and international finance issues. She was in charge of liaison between the White House and all the financial regulators including the Federal Reserve and the SEC. She was assigned to the White House Office of Homeland Defense Working Group on Terrorism Risks to the Economy. Before joining the administration, she was President of Malmgren and Company, in London, England.
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