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Huang Ming, the president of Himin Group. Deputy of the National People's Congress. Huang Ming is called “the world’s solar king”. When there is difficult to promote the renewable energy, Huang Ming leads his group creates the new mode of promotion by his own technology and brand to stand on the top of the fortune solar energy market. Huang Ming studied petroleum in university. In 1982,after graduated from the university, Huang Ming was assigned to work at petroleum drilling research institute of geology and mine resource department, research the petroleum drill bit. 1995 is the important year for Huang Ming. In this year, he demitted form the research institute and be in business. In 1995, the factory is only 10 workers and now there are more than 4000 worker in the enterprise, and over 50000 employeeswin nation, occupying 5000 acre, the brand value 5.1 billion Yuan. “Himin” is the only famous brand in solar energy industry. In Dec.1996, ‘Himin solar energy popular science newspaper ’has published. And now, it accumulates has reached more than 50 million copies. In June, 2005,Himin established the first solar energy museum in china, free to the public, becomes the base of the national science education. At present, Himin has become the biggest manufacturer of solar energy water heater and vacuum tube in the world. It grasped the core technology of solar energy—‘3 high’ coating technology. Huang Ming expressed: Himg Group will lead global green hot water civilization.
Hinin is not too many, just too few.
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