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CAI YI, Computer Bachelor, MBA, Senior Engineer,  Director of E-commerce Dept. of Taikang Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
He had worked at Computer Center in Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation from Agu.1984 to Apr.1997.To develop and promote the large applied system, and to research and promote e-commerce. In 1995, he is the Director of e-commerce of MFTEC and Trade Benefits Association, a liaison officer in ISO/IEC, JTC1/SC14, andSC30, a Board of Asia EDIFACT Committee and so on. From Oct.1998 to Mar.2000, he worked at Beijing Weixin investment consultant Co., Ltd. As General Manager, he was in charge of establishing and operating
His main articles and works: ‘open-edi’, ‘the stage of EDI project---the theoretical method of edi applies in EDI project’, ‘E-commerce and reorganization---the thinking of actualizing e-commerce’, ‘build golden bridge in international trade---the theory and practice of EDI’, ‘the new electronic insurance services’, ‘the practice and prospect of e-commerce insurance’.
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