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A lot has happened in the past year for Dave Sanders, MVP and Culminis President and CEO. He was chosen by Microsoft for his fourth MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) award earlier this year.
Culminis went over one million members this year making them one of the largest and fastest growing organizations in the world. They are now nearly 1.8 million and anticipate reaching the two million mark by year's end. They just launched in Japan where Dave gave a presentation on community, leadership and Culminis at the TechEd event in Yokohama. Earlier this year, he traveled to Osaka and Tokyo and participated in a Leaders' summit giving presentations at both events. His own user group has continued to grow and flourish with the average number of attendees at monthly meetings exceeding 400 and overall membership at 6000+.
Never satisfied with the status quo, Dave is pushing for even greater things for both his user group and for Culminis. They are working on a lot of exciting projects and initiatives which they hope will bring a great deal of value to the community in the next year.
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