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Lou Marinoff
Lou Marinoff (born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada) is a philosopher and spokesperson for the profession of philosophic counseling.

Marinoff, a Commonwealth Scholar originally from Canada, earned his Doctorate in Philosophy of Science at University College London. He held research fellowships at University College and at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was Moderator of the Canadian Business and Professional Ethics Network at UBC’s Center for Applied Ethics. He was a Lecturer in Philosophy at UBC and Capilano College. He is currently Associate Professor and Deputy Chair of Philosophy at the City College of New York.

Lou has been a philosophical counselor and consultant since 1991. His clients include individuals, educational institutions, professional associations, corporations, and governments. He is past president of the American Society for Philosophy, Counseling and Psychotherapy (ASPCP) before breaking with that organization to found the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA). He is a Fellow of the Institute for Local Government at the University of Arizona, a Fellow of The Aspen Institute, Faculty of the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, and Faculty of the World Economic Forum.

Lou publishes regularly in decision theory, ethics, philosophical practice, and other scholarly fields. He is the author of two international bestsellers, including Plato Not Prozac (HarperCollins, NY, 1999), aimed at a popular audience and published in twenty-five languages. His textbook, Philosophical Practice (Academic Press, NY, 2001), provides a more technical "insider’s view" of the profession. His latest popular book, Therapy for the Sane (formerly The Big Questions), is published in English by Bloomsbury (New York and London, 2003), and in many other languages.
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