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Mr. Matthew, Mao Zhou graduated from Dalian Fishery Institute as the Port Design and Construction major in 1982.
He was first assigned to do research work in port design at Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences. One year later, he took part in the founding of the Computer Center of the Academy, and was engaged in the research and development of computer application systems till he left in the end of 1988. In 1988, he joined the Asian headquarter of the American computer company Digital Equipment Corporation in Hong Kong and worked there for three years. In the end of 2000, invited by Mr. Wang Zhidong, the founder of the, he joined as Executive VP and was in charge of its marketing and sales function.
He has joined HiChina as the assistant president, in charge sales and marketing and focus on new established B2B web site, since April 2005. Before joining this company, he had been the CEO of Beijing Well-Star Computer Security & Protection Tech. Co., Ltd. since August 2004, and as the COO he had also worked in a state owned company China International Trade and Economy Network Communication Co., Ltd. for one year.
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