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Zhang Jiexian, founder and president of, a leading human resource Website in the nation. He was graduated from Sichuan University. He had worked as a translator in Foreign Embassy in China. In 1991, He is the human resources manager in Unimac which is a Sino-US joint venture company. After three years, he became the senior Personnel Administrator of Compaq Computer Company in China. He founded headhunting company in next years, which provided high-quality talents to multinational corporations of China’s IT industry. In Agu.1997, he launched the first domestic talent website---- (, and got involved in Internet information value-added services. By the end of 1999, he gained the overseas venture capital. He established Shanghai and Guangzhou branch of He had been interviewed by Beijing TV, China Education TV, Shanghai TV, Forbes. Mr. Zhang had participated in many investments and constructions in innovated Internet Enterprises as a professional investor.
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